Different Bait Fishes



Skipjack Herring

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The skipjack herring is also known as the river herring, and when in freshwater it prefers the open water of medium to large rivers and still waters. It is very similar to the Hickory shad, but its flanks have a brassy tinge and no dark spots. It's maximum weight is about to three pounds an eight ounces.


American Shad

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The American shad, which is capable of reaching a weight of over 12 pounds, has a large dark spot behind each gill cover and usually one or two rows of dark spots along each side. It feeds almost entirely plankton, and the adults have no jaw teeth.


Hickory shad

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this large shad has a protruding lower jaw, a dark spot behind each gill cover, and a row of dusty blotches along each side. It's usual maximum weight is about to pounds eight ounces, but they can reach five pounds. Fish make up a large part of the diets of Hickory shad an skipjack herring, so they will take a lure more readily than other North American shad.

Other Assorted Bait Fish
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