Fishing the Missouri River
Written by: Catman

This weekend I had the opportunity of learning a little about how to navigate and fish on the Missouri River.

Scott Rice from the Missouri Department of Conservation organized a small group to try and teach people more about the advantages of fishing on the river.

We met at La Benite Park in Sugar Creek, Missouri Saturday afternoon at 4:00p.m. The class of about 23 people first started off with Gene Cole, from the Missouri Water Patrol explained to us the real facts about boating and navigating on the river. The river flows on an average of 3 to 5 miles an hour. He also taught us about how to navigate the river and what signs to look for when navigating on the river. He told us the difference between L dikes and Wing dikes. After learning of how to navigate, Scott then showed us the different areas of fishing on the river and about the different species that are in the river and they are:

For many people in the group this was there 1st time out on the river so then Scott had each of us to put out our own trotlines. Everyone was provided with a small trotline, which consisted of 5 hook to take out and set in the river. When setting a trotline it is important to mark and tag your line. Try to keep your trotline along some current but out of the main channels. The Missouri Department of Conservation supplied both the boats and the bait for the trotlines. For many of us it was very exciting as we traveled up and down the river setting our trotlines.

So the next morning (Sunday) we met at 8:00 am to go out and run our trotlines and bring them in to see how everyone did. This is what we caught (see pictures)

All in all it was a great success because everyone learned something about fishing on the Missouri River and were able to put to rest about the myths about the scary stores that you hear about being on the river.

My opinion: I have never fished on the Missouri River in a boat. To me it was very exciting and I am thankful to be given this opportunity to learn from Scott Rice and Gene Cole about navigating and fishing on the Missouri River. I am hopeful that they will put together another class.

If you would like to have more information about fishing on the Missouri River call the Missouri Department of Conservation Office at 816-655-6250