Quick Release Knot

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This is an extremely useful knot that can be used in any situation that requires a quick release.
Also known as the draw hitch.

Step 1:

Form a loop with the rope and
position it behind post to which
your are going to tie the rope.

Step 2:

Grasp the standing part and form
another loop at the front of the post.
Then push the loop through the back

Step 3:

Pull the rear loop tight by pulling
on the tag end. Then bring the
tag end around the front.

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Step 4:

Grasp the tag end and form a third
loop. This loop is now pushed
through the remaining loop.

Step 5:

Once the final loop is in place, pull
hard on the standing part and the
knot is complete.

Step 6:

The completed knot. To quickly release
the knot, pull hard in a downward
direction on the tag end.

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