Ducan Loop

The Duncan loop has been around many years and is similar to the clinch knot except for the doubling of the tag end and main line before making the wraps. It's a strong knot, attaining about 95 percent of the line test, and is easy to tie even when you forget your glasses.

Step 1. Insert line through eye of hook or lure, leaving about 6" of tag end. Parallel the lines for about 3" and make loop with tag end.
step 1.gif (427 bytes)

Step 2. Wrap tag end 6 times around parallel lines, inside loop. Pull on tag end to tighten turns.
step 2.gif (503 bytes)

Step 3. Pull main line and hook/swivel/lure in opposite directions, and tighten knot securely.
step 3.gif (257 bytes)