Chet Palomar noodled out a durable, facile knot here. Remember to avoid twisting or overlapping the strands as you proceed, making certain they lie parallel.

Step 1. Double about 4" of line and run doubled section through eye of swivel or hook. Use 6" when tying to a lure.
step 1.gif (410 bytes)

Step 2. Let hook hang free; tie overhand knot in doubled line. Try to keep lines parallel, with no crossovers.
step 2.gif (704 bytes)

Step 3. Extend loop of doubled line far enough to pass it over hook swivel, or lure.
step 3.gif (817 bytes) 

Step 4. To tighten, pull in opposite directions on hook and doubled line. Snug tightly.
step 4.gif (319 bytes)