Help Stop Zebra Mussels

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The zebra mussel's potential to harm fishing opportunities and aquatic diversity requires anglers and boaters to take precautions when moving boats from one lake or stream to another. To avoid unintentionally spreading the fingernail-sized mussels, follow these procedures.

Routinely clean and inspect boat hulls, propellers and trailers, and scrape off mussels found.

Drain bilge water, live wells and engine compartments before moving your boat to another stream or lake. (Tiny zebra mussel larvae, called veligers, can stow away in these areas.) boat.gif (2049 bytes)

Flush clean water through the cooling system of your motor, boat parts and accessories that normally get wet when your boat is in the water.

Disinfect live wells, bilge's, anchors, bait buckets, boat trailers and nets with a solution of two tablespoons household bleach per gallon of water at least 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't drain this solution into lakes or streams. It can harm aquatic life.

Empty bait buckets on shore.
Do not take bait from one body of water to another.baitbucket.gif (686 bytes)

For more information about Zebra Mussel, check out the MDC.