Warning about Scams

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It has come to our attention that scam artists are still targeting the internet from time to time, so I am putting these emails up in order to warn you. Most are about a broker or shipping agent who is representing a client from overseas and they offer to send you a check or cashiers check for more than what the item is worth and asks you to send them the item along with the extra cash. These are Scams!! Below are some examples we have seen.

Please i told you ealier that the $2600,is a refund payment of a cancelled order ealier made by my client,so please all you need to do is to send the remaining funds to my agent in NY,so that he will come over to your house and meet you of the pick up.this is the only way my customer will pay off this debt.So please get back to me.


Thanks for the reply,

I have my shipping agent for the pick up. O.K I will buy it $800 infact i will like to buy this Jon boat with two swivel seats immediately if you will accept a cashiers check, I can instruct my client presently in the USA who is owing me the sum of $4,000. I may now ask him to procure a cashiers check in your name for this amount and have it posted to you.But I must count on you to send my balance of the money back to me via a western union money transfer. I will then instruct my shipping agent to come over to your location in order to pick the Jon boat with two swivel seats up for shipment.If this is OK please e-mail me now with your full name/address and Tel # so i may pass it on to my shipping agent and my client.NB can i trust and dependable in you?

Dear sir,

I am a global auto agent i base in LONDON.I saw your advertisment And i will like to know how much you are willing to sell this Jon boat With two swivel seats I'm highly intrested in buying it.I would like to know your last offer on this Jon boat with two swivel seats and what is present condition and the pixs so i can instruct my shipping agent to come down for the pick up. Yes,you got it right,My agent is in United states.As soon as you receive the payment,i want you to dedute your $300,and send the remaining funds to my agent,so that he will come over to your house and meet you for the pick up.pleasae don'nt Border your self concerning the shippment,my agent will take very good care of that.My cutomer is also aware that the motor does not include any controls.Please get back to me,so that i will forward your address to my client to issue the payment immediately. Thanks

If you receive one of these emails or something like it, please let us know and forward the email as it came to you so we can try to track down the host and shut the scammer down.

Thank You
Connie Macha
Anglers Fishing Info
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