Travel Trailers, Campers & R.V.'s Wanted


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Wanted: Yes Travel Trailers Phone: 864-882-8679 Home: Yes Contact person: Mary City-state: South Carolina I would like to find a Travel Trailer to take over payments. I live in South Carolina.  I'm physically disabled so I would need a handicapped accessible trailer.  I would even consider a RV. I can pay #250 to $300 a month. You can email me at . Thank you. Date:11/10/2010

Wanted: Looking for a small 1 or 2 man travel trailer for recreational use. Please contact Pierre at 401-568-1120 or by email at                    Rhode Island Date: 3/9/2010

Wanted: small travel trailer up to 15ft 1950s,1960s,early 1970s, any condition so long as it is towable no tags /title ok prefer shasta, hunter, scamp, but anything considered need asap  Please contact Sarah at  phone: 951-769-0996 or cell phone 818-261-5318 or email:              Beaumont California area       Date: 7/10/2010

Wanted: I am looking too purchase an older travel trailer of any size for hunting.  It does not have to be in perfect condition. Please contact Gary at 956 577 2021 or email:     Rio Hondo, Texas    Rio Grande Valley area   Date: 7/5/2010

 Wanted: TRAVEL TRAILER 12-14ft  NO  POPUPS  PLEASE, AND NO  LEAKS CAN PICK UP IN OHIO AREA Contact Dorothy at (413) 245-7603 or via email:
Brimfield, Massachusetts area        Date: 06/07/09

Wanted: Hello! I am looking for a small travel trailer 12-14ft long and light weight-so I can pull it with my Honda CRV. I am looking for something that I can pretty much tow and go caping with my 19 month old son. I needs to be relatively inexpensive, so it does not need to be fancy just functional. Please email pictures and details.  Contact Pam at (860) 712-5510 or via email:  Baltimore, MD area    Date:  3/23/2009

Wanted:     Looking to buy a Travel Trailer. Need one with a 28-30" door for wheelchair acess. If anyone in the Prescott, Az area has one for sale please E-mail Jim. My E-mail is  Contact Jim Prescott, AZ area                  Date:           10/28/2008

Wanted LOOKING FOR A 20 TO 25 FOOT TRAVEL TRAILER TO LEAVE UP NORTH.  Contact Sandy at (443) 504 7498 or via email:    Ocala  F: area           Date:           9/30/2008


Please let us know if you have any problems with addresses or phone numbers. Thank you The Boss